Florida Gulf Coast Building Trades Council

Asbestos Workers LU 67

Bricklayers & Allied
 Craftworkers LU1

Carpenters LU 75

Carpenters LU 140

Elevator Constructrs LU 74



Iron Workers LU 397

Laborers LU 1114

Laborers LU 1240

Millwrights & Machinery
 Erectors LU 1000

Operation Engineers LU 925

Plumbers & Pipefitters LU 123

Sheet Metal Workers LU 15

Sprinkler Fitters LU 821

Organized Labor involvement
in the Tampa Bay area

Organized labor in the building trades has been involved in the Tampa Bay Area for over 100 years. We represent over 10,000 households locally as well as over 400 separate construction establishments. Our people are licensed, highly skilled, and qualified to perform any construction project anywhere. To assure this quality control we invest over 1,000,000 a year in upgrading and training our people to serve our community well. We pay property taxes on property valued at over one-half a billion dollars locally. This does not include over five thousand retired members' households in the immediate Tampa Bay Area.

We are proud of our building trades heritage and our community
We want to continue to make the Tampa Bay area
 a viable place to live and raise our families
 and we will continue to do our part for all working people.

  • Members Provided Health and Pension Benefits.
  •  The average wage with fringe benefits to our people comes to over $19.00 per hour.
  • This package provides health care for our people so they don't have to rely on indigent care, S.S.I.,
    and food stamps and become a tax burden to the community.
  • We generate $38,000,000 a year for their health insurance coverage.
  • When they retire, they don't become a burden to the tax base locally.
  • We also produce over 140 million dollars a year for pension funds for their continued support.
  • Yes, we are a viable part of this community.

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